Service Level Agreements


Service Level Agreements

Regardless of your industry, company age, or head count, every business in the 21st century needs tech help from time to time. Experience has taught us that there are a core set of concerns that they all share though. In response to this, we've created our maintenance agreement. Using our Five Spheres approach to achieve clarity, we can usually reduce your ongoing support down to a flat monthly fee.

Remote Support, Antivirus, Updates & Monitoring

Our agreement means having secure remote monitoring and control software installed on all your computers. Through it we'll be able to keep an eye on your equipment, install critical security patches, watch for infections or hardware failures, and help you remotely when you need it.  Finally, any other work we perform for you (data recovery, Google Apps, etc) will be billed at a 10% discounted rate.

Monthly Fee, No Long-Term Contracts

We make it a point to not lock you into long unbreakable contracts. This puts the burden on us to provide you with excellent service and make sure your business technology is running well. If at any time you decide to make changes, no problem. We can grow or shrink your support according to your needs. Oh and if for any reason you decide to stop using us, we'll make sure to give you a fresh copy of any documentation we've created so you won't have to reinvent the wheel with another support company. No other support company does this, nor do they put prices on their sites, but we do.

Request A Consultation!

Request A Consultation!

Please fill out the form below. Someone from Boston TechCollective will contact you ASAP to schedule a consultation for your company. Consultations are typically an hour or so and very informal. We sit down with you, go over your environment and company goals, then offer a few suggestions to help you. If you agree, we'll then move on to the Site Audit and get things rolling!

Boston SLA Coverage

Boston SLA Coverage

Below is our breakdown of what software and services are generally covered by the Boston TechCollective (BTC) Support Level Agreement. When we say covered we mean, if you have a problem with anything we support, you will not be billed for labor on diagnosis or repair. If for some reason something isn't covered, we will notify you prior to doing any work. Any such issue will, at the very least, receive a 10% discount on labor though.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything, please contact us immediately!

Supported Software

Operating System Support

Office Applications

Email Clients


Virtual Private Networking


Basic Printing

Modern Web Browsers

Backup software

Windows 7, 8, 10
OS X, macOS

Microsoft Office 2007 thru 2016
Google Docs

Microsoft Outlook 2007 thru 2016
Mozilla Thunderbird
Apple Mail

Eset Security

Meraki VPN
Windows Server VPN

Work-related Printers
Driver Support Only - No Repair

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari

BackBlaze, Carbonite, iDrive

Unsupported Software

Proprietary Software

Printer Incompatibilities

Unapproved User Changes

BTC will help facilitate communication with the vendor(s) but cannot guarantee function of such software.

Lack of driver support, hardware failure, etc.

Software or hardware updates that BTC is not party to are not supported.

Supported Hardware

Remediated Computers


Approved Network Equipment

Any covered computer must pass our Remediation. This includes tests of hardware such as SMART status and cleanup of unused/unnecessary software.

Networking equipment including Ubiquiti and Meraki products, as well as other peripherals approved by BTC

*Labor for computer hardware repairs will be covered under SLA. Cost of parts is paid by the client. Repairs are performed at our shop in Somerville. Client is normally responsible for drop-off/ pick-up but transportation can be arranged for an extra fee.

Unsupported Hardware

Printer Hardware Failures

Fax Machines

Proprietary Software

Accidental/AoG Damage


Internet Service Provider Issues

BTC will help with initial diagnosis of a hardware problem, but we do not perform printer repairs.

BTC does not support legacy fax systems or machines.

BTC will help facilitate communication with the vendor(s) but cannot guarantee function of such software.

Accidents such as liquid spills, dropping equipment, etc. are not covered but may be diagnosed as such. This also includes natural disaster "Act of God" events such as lightning strikes, fires, floods, etc.

BTC will assist in diagnosing ISP problems and even facilitate communication with the provider but cannot guarantee ISP uptime.

Services Not Covered By SLA

New Equipment Setup


New Computer Setup

Shop Service

Off Hours Support

This includes devices like printers, scanners, network hardware, etc. Hardware costs will be paid by client and labor charged at the discounted SLA rate.

If a new computer is purchased that is not a replacement for an existing computer covered by the SLA, a remediation fee will apply.

Data recovery, drive imaging, special projects, development work, etc.

Normal coverage hours are Monday thru Friday 9am to 6pm. Support on alternative hours may not be possible and will incur an emergency fee if assistance is rendered off hours.