In order for TechCollective to determine the readiness of your practice, we must attempt to create a birds-eye view of your existing I.T. infrastructure. This includes an in-depth analysis of any existing policies and procedures; if existing documentation is insufficient, further analysis may be required. Only then can we build an accurate, affordable solution!

Proposal & Implementation

By now, TechCollective will have gained an accurate understanding of any existing HIPAA compliance issues at your practice. We will provide a clear, affordable approach to bringing your healthcare organization into compliance with any relevant requirements. 

Example implementations may include:

  • Secure transition to an EMR platform (cloud)
  • Cloud storage solutions
  • Developing Reliable Backup
  • Secure transmission (practitioner to client, practitioner to practitioner); E-mail
  • Monitoring & Audit tracking
  • Network security, user account control and antivirus