Democracy Brewing

Custom Web Application Development

Python, Flask, MySQL, Twitter Bootstrap.

When Democracy Brewing was looking to launch their Direct Public Offering, they realized they needed a web application to facilitate people making investments in their company.

We built a web application to enable anyone to quickly and easily invest in the Company's DPO.

Features Include:

  • User registration and login, locally or via a Google account

  • Digitally fill out legal contract

  • E-signature capability


Looking to expand our expertise in map-based applications, we built a custom mobile application for offline viewing of the Appalachian Trail and relevant data points: side trails, water sources, shelters, parking areas, and nearby towns.

It will soon be available for iOS and Android.

Features Include:

  • Downloadable map data for offline use, split into 5 sections.

  • Clustered markers for town data.

  • Determination of the trail distance ahead of a marker.

  • Show and hide each map feature individually

  • Show and hide each section of map data individually.

  • Runs on both iOS and Android

Appalachian Trail Guide

Custom Mobile App Development

Javascript, Cordova, Leaflet, PouchDB.


Legislation Advocacy Website

Custom Web Application Development

Python,, Twillio API, Sunlight APIs

We built a web application to see your congressperson's position on a given bill and the donations they have received from special interests who support or oppose the bill. It also allows you to easily contact your legislator about that bill.


  • Lookup your legislators by geolocation or address
  • View your legislators position on a given bill
  • View the amount of campaign contributions the legislator has received from groups opposed and in favor of the bill
  • Initiate a call or send an email to your legislators

Interested in investigating semi-structured messages in email, we built a proof-of-concept desktop-based email client application that utilizes structured message type to enable up email workflows.


  • Receive, send and view email messages via a desktop application.
  • Send structured email messages by choosing a message template, and filling out a form corresponding to the template.
  • Can utilize any message template following provided schema.
  • Receive structured email message and respond with a structured message based on the message template's provided workflow

Semi-Structured Email Messages Proof-of-Concept

Custom Desktop-Based Application

Python, WxWidgets, WxPython, JSON


IT Support Request Site

Custom Web Application

Javascript, AlpacaJS

Our Business IT Support team needed a reliable, easily customizable form for ongoing clients to request support.

We built a web application that allows to request support, and describe their problem effectively with a series of select options and sub-options.


  • Notification of support request by email
  • Integration with our CRM software: add all new support requests to our CRM and ticketing system.

Interested in how technology could be used to aid in legislative advocacy, we built a web-based API for querying data on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) made available by the Center for Media and Democracy at


  • Scrape most recent data from and update database.
  • Query API for legislators who are members of ALEC
  • Query API for model bills written by ALEC
  • Query API for corporations who are members of ALEC
  • Query API for task forces of ALEC


Custom API

Python, MySQL


Automated Computer Setup

Custom Windows Batch Script


Windows Batch

Our Business IT Support team used to spend a lot of time a very repetitive task: setting up computers for ongoing service clients.

In order to make this process simpler and more efficient, we built a Windows batch script to automate the time-consuming process of installing and setting up the collection of applications used to monitor and maintain Windows computers.

Now our IT technicians only need to run this one script to complete the entire process. 


  • Installs monitoring software
  • Installs package manager and basic suite of user applications
  • Creates a link on all users's desktop's to request IT support
  • Changes Windows Update settings to point to our managed update server
  • Installs suite of utilities for our technicians to resolve issues quickly

Smart Apps For "Dumb" Phones

Custom Web Application

Django, Python, MongoDB

Approximately 2.7 billion people across the world rely on "dumb" mobile phones without the capability to run "apps," or very limited capability. To explore the idea of how to run powerful internet-connected applications these "dumb" phones, we built an application for using SMS text messages as the user interface for advanced internet-connected applications. Included is a platform for other developers to write their own SMS-based applications and run them on this platform.



  • Run internet-connected applications, without requiring a smart phone
  • Platform for 3rd party developers to write their own SMS-based applications
  • Proof of concept apps built include: mapping directions, weather forecasts



Our Data Recovery team sometimes needs to perform a raw file recovery. One downside to RAW recovery methods is that most commercially available software will typically not recover filenames, nor attempt to give files a "human readable" descriptive name.

In order to help our data recovery clients find their important files, we wanted a way to rename raw files recovered, based on the most-useful information available.


  • Rename photos from embedded EXIF metadata
  • Rename PDFs with embedded metadata
  • Rename videos from embedded metadata
  • Rename PowerPoint and Excel documents from title content 
  • Rename documents with slice of text content

Raw Data Recovery Organizer

Custom Python Script

Python, exiftool, pdfinfo pandoc