Recovery Without Breaking The Bank

We don't pull drives apart in a clean room, charging you thousands of dollars in the process. Instead, we use a variety of proprietary and open-source software, combined with our years of experience, to retrieve your data. It means we charge a lot less for similar results. In fact, we're proud to say that we successfully recover data for 80-90% of our clients!

Our Process

Phase 1: Shipping or Drop-off & Triage

Using the information you provide, we'll contact you and walk you through sending us the drive (or drives). Or, if you're close to our Boston location, we'll arrange a time for drop-off. 

Once we receive your hard drive, we'll run a diagnostic to determine its current status. Using the results of this test we can give you our best guess as to the likelihood of recovery. If at any point we determine it would beyond our scope, we'll notify you and help you decide next steps.

Phase 2: Imaging & Recovery

After the initial triage, your hard drive is brought into our lab where we make a bit-for-bit copy of it called an 'image'. This minimizes the wear on the hardware and allows us to proceed with recovery without worrying about causing further damage.

During the actual recovery we use a wide array of utilities to reduce errors and try to get back as much of your data as we possibly can. Keep in mind that due to the nature of recovery we can't guarantee the speed at which it occurs or what ends up being available afterwards.

Phase 3: Review & Return

Once the data has been recovered, we'll contact you and schedule a time to go over what we found. If you decide to not take the data, we will not charge you anything beyond the initial fee, and will ship the original drive back to you as above.

If you decide to keep the data, we assess a $400 flat fee (minus the deposit) and work out with you what method works best to get it to you. This can be a USB flash drive or external hard drive (additional hardware costs apply) or an upload to a cloud service of your choice. If you choose physical media we will quote you shipping as well.

Privacy Policy: In addition to our general privacy policy we have strict rules about client data. If you or your organization requires additional security such as HiPAA compliance or Nondisclosure Agreements, please let us know prior to work being done and we will make sure to adjust our methods accordingly. Keep in mind that such work may incur additional fees but we will disclose them prior to any type of work being done.