Why a Web or Desktop Application?

Automate Your Business. Ensure your business operates smoothly and efficiently with an internal web or desktop application. Automate or streamline your processes, reduce or eliminate overhead costs and minimize human error. Enable constant real-time communication and coordination with remote or field employees. A web or desktop application can dramatically improve your business operations.

Retain More Customers. Extend your customer reach and retention with a web application to enable communication and sales from your business. Simplify and expedite the process for a customer to buy your products and services, improving customer retention and increasing sales.

Sell Your Application. Generate new sources of revenue. Web Applications have become a large business & consumer market, with Software as a Service (SAAS) revenue over $60B per year in the US. With outright software sales, SAAS, and in-app purchases, you can generate new revenue from a custom web or desktop application.



3rd Party API Integration

Take advantage of the thousands of available 3rd Party APIs, and data sources by integrating them into your web or desktop application.

Such 3rd Party APIs include Stamps.com, OpenTable, PayPal, AccuWeather, FedEx, LinkedIn, etc.



Cross-platform Compatibility - Windows & Mac

When you need to support multiple operating systems and web-browsers, we can build your app with cross-platform compatibility.

Web applications are inherently cross platform, but some only work in specific browsers. We can ensure compatibility with all popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Desktop applications can be built specifically for compatibility with Windows, Mac & Linux using the Electron framework. 

It is far more cost-effective to develop and maintain a single cross-platform app than multiple native apps with unique code bases. We can efficiently get your app to market with multi-platform support.



Back-End Infrastructure Deployment & Maintenance

When your application requires a back-end infrastructure, you'll need to deploy, maintain and monitor your servers.

We prefer Amazon Web Services or Digital Ocean for hosting providers.

Server management plans include managing regular backups, updating software, and monitoring for server status, service status and site availability.

Plans optionally include staging software updates, testing functionality, and development service.