Upgrade & Maintain Your Website or Application


Upgrade. Make changes to your existing website or software platform. Add new functionality to the site, or modify existing functionality.

Maintain. Ensure your website is working properly through all software updates. Migrate your hosting provider to a scalable cloud host. Set up regular backups of your website. 

Manage. Find peace of mind knowing that your site is being actively monitored, maintained and backed-up.



Website Upgrades & Development

Add a new feature to your existing website. Integrate your existing website with a 3rd Party API or another data source.  

We can make your existing website into the website you want.



Hosting Server & Domain Migration

Move your website to a new hosting platform. Add a new domain name to your site or change your current domain. Want to improve site speeds or server hardware capability?

We can help with on-demand Linux administration services.



Website Speed Optimization

Improve your website's loading speeds, and therefore customer retention and new customer reach. Slow page loading limits your website's value.

  • 75% of mobile internet users will abandon a website if the page takes more than 5 seconds to load.
  • Every second delay in webpage loading time results in 11% fewer page views.

Capture your potential customers with an optimized, fast website.



Maintenance & Monitoring

Find peace of mind knowing your website is being monitored and actively maintained.

Website monitoring and maintenance plans include regular backups, software updates, and monitoring for server status and site availability.

Plans optionally include update staging, functionality testing, and development services time.