The 21st century has brought us countless marvels, but also many new challenges. One of these is what to do with online information or services after a loved one has passed. It's something we call a 'Digital Legacy'.

As more of our lives are lived online, untangling the strings after a loved one is gone can be emotionally draining and technically challenging. Below are some services we have begun to offer to clients in an effort to help them cope with this difficult time.

Whether you're looking to plan ahead or simply need a hand with something, we can help. Use the button below or call our shop to schedule a consultation.

Legacy Consultation & Planning

We understand how difficult this can be so we offer a free consultation to go over what we can (and can’t) do to help. This is a (up to 30 minute) phone conversation. Alternatively we can schedule a time to meet you at our office or another location.

Legacy Data Archival

Data from your loved one will be copied to an appropriately sized external hard drive. Multiple sources can be combined. We will attempt to group things like photo’s together to make them easier to sort through later. If a hard drive is damaged we will notify you and will either waive any fee or apply it towards data recovery.

Legacy Account Deactivation

After a loved one has passed, their online accounts need to be deactivated and/or services redirected. Everything from energy companies to banks need to be notified and accounts must be closed or have ownership transferred. This can be a tricky process but we can help guide you through it.

Hard Drive Erasure

Just want to be sure a loved ones data isn’t left around for anyone to access? Let us perform a DoD-level wipe of a single hard drive. Once completed the drive can either be taken back and reused or we will recycle it (recycling fee is waived in this case).

Legacy Social Archival

With credentials to services like Facebook or Google we’ll download as much data as we can from your loved ones accounts and copy it all to an appropriately sized external hard drive. Depending on the service this may or may not be possible.

Legacy Computer Account Recovery

If your loved one left behind computers that you don’t know the password for, we can try to help. Using our tools we can reset the credentials and get you in. If the computer is encrypted however, we will waive the fee as we cannot legally break encryption.

Legacy Email Account Recovery

We’ll attempt to help you gain access to your loved ones email account. We use the regular account recovery options but cannot ‘hack’ into anything. With access to email, most other accounts should then be retrievable.