Who likes holding something while trying to use a computer while also talking on the phone? There has to be a better way! You're in luck, because there is. Yours for about $20, this is where you should begin your wired headset journey.

If you use a VoIP-based phone system and you're looking to step things up a notch, consider the Voyager Legend UC. The "UC" stands for "unified communications" and if you know what that means, you'll want to keep reading. This particular headset is certified by RingCentral to interact with their desktop and mobile applications - answer calls and hang up directly from the headset, where ever you are.

Do you avoid using a speakerphone because of audio quality issues? Perhaps your speakphone works well enough with only you speaking, but more people routinely need to join you. We've got you covered. For about $100, pair the Jabra Speak 510 with your mobile device or laptop (using Bluetooth or USB) for an improved experience.

Looking for the best wireless headset you can buy for unified communications? For us, this is it.