HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or (HIPAA) is a set of laws that requires health organizations to protect the personal health information (PHI) of all its medical patients. Unfortunately for the average health care professional, this can be a somewhat daunting task; most organizations simply don't have the resources or knowledge necessary to meet the compliance requirements, as well as any security concerns. TechCollective can help you wade through only the applicable compliance requirements for your practice.

We are regularly approached by Dentists, Physical Therapists, Psychologists and other healthcare professionals. And although they may specialize in divergent fields, most have identical HIPAA compliance requirements. Whatever your focus, we can help steer your practice back towards compliance in an affordable, efficient manner.

In accordance with our standard process, a TechCollective member will go over any questions you may have, as well as ask a few questions of our own!

HIPAA Compliance


In order for TechCollective to determine the readiness of your practice, we must attempt to create a birds-eye view of your existing I.T. infrastructure. This includes an in-depth analysis of any existing policies and procedures; if existing documentation is insufficient, further analysis may be required. Only then can we build an accurate, affordable solution!

HIPAA Assessment

Proposal & Implementation

By now, TechCollective will have gained an accurate understanding of any existing HIPAA compliance issues at your practice. We will provide a clear, affordable approach to bringing your healthcare organization into compliance with any relevant requirements. 

Example implementations may include:

  • Secure transition to an EMR platform (cloud)
  • Cloud storage solutions
  • Developing Reliable Backup
  • Secure transmission (practitioner to client, practitioner to practitioner); E-mail
  • Monitoring & Audit tracking
  • Network security, user account control and antivirus
HIPAA Proposal & Implementation

Getting Started

To get started, use the link below. We'll schedule a time for one of our HIPAA certified technicians to get in touch.