Initial Consultation

We will sit down with you in person to go over your technology needs and future goals. It also helps us learn as much as we can about you, your workers and your organization.

Site Documentation

After our consultation, we will come back and document your critical technology infrastructure. Once completed (a process that usually takes an hour or two), we will give you a copy for your own records. It will contain enough detail to bring it to any IT expert and enable them to pick up where we left off. This is something few support companies do. It's part of our belief in giving you control over your information. 

Evaluation & Planning

Once we have figured out your goals and current environment, we create a custom plan. The plan is split into stages and will include full cost estimates for labor and parts. We will then work with you to create a timeline for implementation.


After we've settled on a plan and schedule, we perform whatever the outlined tasks are. This process is different for every client but the goal is the same. A more stable and productive environment that allows you to get work done.

Ongoing Support

Nothing lasts forever, especially in the tech world. Once the dust settles from remediation, the real trick is keeping everything stable. We help you by offering our Service Level Agreement. This includes 24/7 remote monitoring, security patch installations, and more. For more information, choose Boston or San Francisco.